5 11 2010

Vegas weekend begins!

I lived in Vegas for a summer and has powerless to the call of “The Strip“.
I was there most weekends.

I’m in a slightly different place in my life at the moment – and Vegas has a different feel to it.

It feels like temptation is everywhere.
I think that is mostly the case because of my crazy summer there a few years ago.

As we drove around the bend and could see the lights of the city, I felt it literally pulling me… reminding me of how much fun I had several years ago.

But fun is different than fulfilling.

I need to keep that in mind this weekend, while I stay in this modern-day Babylon.
“And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth…” (Revelation 17:5)

? What’s your favorite and least favorite part of Vegas?




One response

8 11 2010
Untypically Jia

I used to go to Vegas when I was a kid because my aunt gambled there so much that the casinos gave her free rooms and other little gifts.

The game room in Excalibur is really fun and of course just hanging out by the pools! I think now as an adult I would love to catch one of the man shows there. Ooo and their buffets are good too.

My least favourite part? All the smoke in the casinos. And let’s not forget all the advertisements for prostitution.

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