the lxd.

3 11 2010

The LXD.

I’ve mentioned this series before.
It’s incredible.

The series is directed and produced by Jon M. Chu the director of the Step-Up movies.

It’s the age old tale of good vs. evil – but this time it’s all done using dance.
Each character has certain powers (dance powers).

Bboys. Ballerinas. Tap dancers. Krumpers. Trickers.
It’s an amazing combination of dance forms.

One of the latest episodes has the latest batch of LXD recruits taken to a dance school where they are taught to harness the powers they possess!

My wildest fantasies came true on this show.

A school where you are taught to be an incredible bboy with moves so dynamic they are considered special powers.

“And again, the order of the house prepared for the presidency of the school of the prophets…” (D&C 88:127)
Joseph has the school of the prophets.

The LXD has the school of the dancers (with dancing super powers).

? If you could go to school to learn ANYTHING, what would it be?




One response

4 11 2010

I’d love the school of hard knocks but you know without the hard knocks! Basically learn all the things I’ve learned the last few years without the heartache and struggles…unlikely.

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