the ultimate birth control.

1 11 2010

I’ve heard lots of people say that the ultimate form of birth control is:

4 hours of crying, barfing, pooping and general chaos should be enough to scare any couple into avoiding a prego situation, right?

But it just depends on the kids.

4 hours of laughing, running around, playing and general merriment could lead you right into buying diapers and baby clothes.

We had a family dinner last night at Grandma & Grandpas. I LOVE our family get togethers. They’re always fun.

My cousin Nic and his wife Brittani brought their three girls along.
Cutest girls.

No, but seriously… See for yourself:

Every time I see these girls I think I might just be ready for a family.
(Whoa – ok, don’t quote me on that)
But they’re SO much fun to be around that it makes me get kind of excited to have little kids running around!

“And they have brought forth children…” (2 Nephi 2:20)
Well, we haven’t brought forth any…
But, for now, I’ll just enjoy spending time with other people’s kids!

? Do you think babysitting is a good pregnancy deterrent?




3 responses

1 11 2010

Bryan and I just had our first a few days ago… Give you and Leah some time but then by all means go for it! It has only been a few days but is so enjoyable and remarkable I thought kids where going be rough but it’s the moments that they look at you that make the sleepless nights seem like a small price to pay… You can’t even imagine the amazing feeling of love that they bring until you have your own… I am surprised to hear that you want kids haha everyone has a soft side though.

2 11 2010

Oh my gosh! Congratulations on the baby! That is awesome! Boy or girl? Name? Fill me in!!

2 11 2010

Not so much babysitting that kept us from having kids, but living with family for extended periods of time (like over the summer)! However, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new family member in just a matter of weeks!

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