familysearch indexing.

31 10 2010

Grandma gave a great talk about Familysearch Indexing today in church.
Typically, anything related to genealogy is boring (personal opinion)

Grandma did a great job of showing that it is far from boring. For years I have watched Grandma set a great example of doing this important work – she was the perfect person to talk about this subject!

I’ve actually done indexing before.
Years ago, I had a Bishop who was adamant that the best prevention to getting involved in anything unruly on the Internet was to make the Internet feel like a spiritual place.

Wise man.
When you associate the Internet with things of a spiritual nature you view questionable material as being incredibly offensive.

I thought about that as I listened to the Bishopric challenge the entire ward to get involved with indexing. In fact, it has been turned into a competition. The young men vs. the young women and the Priesthood vs. the Relief Society. The groups with the highest number of names indexed win dinner from the losing group.

I hate losing.
So, it looks like it’s time to reactivate the old account and start getting some names done!

The ultimate goal is to obviously encourage the ward to participate in genealogy work – however, there are going to be some wonderful side effects that follow. I strongly believe that when we are able to associate certain media outlets with spiritual things that we will find an increased ability to turn away from questionable material.

“…neither can we without our dead be made perfect.” (D&C 128:15)

? Have you ever done any FamilySearch Indexing?




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