light a match.

23 10 2010

I would like to briefly cover a scientific fact.
If your bathroom has a certain (perhaps pungent) odor in it, then I would highly recommend lighting a single match, letting it burn a few seconds and then blowing it out.

This appears to be the greatest method for odor resolution.
I’ve tried Lysol sprays and other such canned fragrances, but NOTHING truly removes odor the way a fizzling match does.

There, I said it.
This subject is at the top of my mind because my brother comes over quite a bit and likes to use our bathroom. One day at lunch this week, we were talking about how you can’t even tell he used it because a match was lit.
Leah and my sister Kourtney were more than disgusted.

But what’s to be disgusted about.
When nature calls, we must answer.

When nature leaves a brutal scene in it’s wake – we must answer with fire. (so that no one knows it called)

Nothing to be disgusted about.

But here again surfaces one of those tiny little differences between guys and girls.

We don’t mind talking about crap. (literally)
Mostly we laugh about it and all of the funny situations that can arise from a truly horrific bathroom adventure.

“God led thee these forty years in the wilderness…” (Deuteronomy 8:2)

40 years in the wilderness?
Yeah, I know we’d have some good stories to share after 40 years of using nature to answer the call of nature.

? Have you tried the “light a match” approach before?




One response

24 10 2010

hahaha you know im gonna keep coming over and lighting those matches! just think of it like this leah, what if i didnt light a match? then you guys would be in big trouble…especially with the bowels ive been blessed with!

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