22 10 2010

Lately, I cannot get enough of Mashable.
If you are even remotely interested in technology/social media this website is a MUST read on a DAILY basis.

They cover anything and everything going on in the online scene.

I’m reading, reading, reading to learn as much as I can so that I can apply everything to our business.

Well, today led me to a website called FourSquare.
You might already know about it or use it (I was a late adapter- I heard bout this awhile ago, but didn’t think it was that cool)

I’ve been convinced otherwise.
Now, I’m convinced it’s the future of social media. (If not FourSquare, then something similar)

Yes, Mashable told me that.
And, I believe it.

Basically it’s location-based social media.
You can “check-in” using your smart phone wherever you go.
Tonight I went to BYU and then to Marley’s (the AMAZING new gourmet slider burger place at the Riverwoods) I opened the FourSquare app on my phone and checked in.

Checking-in allows you to earn points. There are a lot of businesses that will even reward you for checking in to their place multiple times.
It’s basically like having an online rewards card.
I joined today and am hooked.
I checked in everywhere I went today.

Leah still thinks it’s a bit creepy that people can know exactly where you’re at.
A little too “big brother” for her liking.
Me? I don’t care if people know where I’m at all the time.

Maybe I’ll see if I can check in from my bathroom.
You can earn badges for visiting unique places or for accumulating lots of visits.
One of astronauts just unlocked the “Nasa Explorer Badge“!

Imagine Jonah checking in from the belly of the whale…
“And Jonah was in the belly of the fish athree days and three nights.” (Jonah 1:17)

He may have earned the “Bottom of the Belly Badge

? Are you on FourSquare?




One response

24 10 2010

so I don’t really get it. I like it but don’t get it.

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