i’m a mac.

20 10 2010

I was born and raised on apples (computers at least)

I remember when we had this:

Now I have an iPhone and use an Apple desktop.
I’m hooked – I can’t get enough.
Every time they announce a new product I bemoan the fact that my financial status denies me the ability to be an early adopter.

“We will not hide it from my lord, how that our money is spent…” (Genesis 47:18)
Bills. Bills. Bills.

In case you missed it – Apple made a “Back to the Mac” announcement today basically telling us that they’ve got some fun things for their computers coming out soon.

2 things really stood out to me:

Lion OS. I love that they name there operating systems after large members of the feline family.

A MAC app store. Basically you will be able to buy apps for your computer!
Good call Steve Jobs. Your company is gonna be worth even more once that’s up and running.

Right now, my big wish is to get an iPad.
Oh man, I really want one.

It’s not really in the budget (and by not really, I mean definitely not). But my cousin Ty had a great suggestion: sell some of my crap!
Oooh, KSL, CraigsList, Ebay – pawn shop if I’m really desperate. (I’ve done the pawn shop route before)

It’s kinda nice having all of my junk still strewn about the apartment because it makes it easy for me to see what I can sell.
Ah yes, after scanning my desk (kitchen table) I’ve been quickly reminded that I still have in my possession an engagement ring from a prior (failed) relationship.
I tried selling it right after things went south… but, I didn’t really try to hard.

Now, it’s go time…

? Are you a Mac or PC?




2 responses

20 10 2010

I took my old ring to my jeweler he’s a good guy but he’ll be honest with you, they can’t always buy it for what it is worth because they will have to make a profit on it. But you can take it to a few different jewelers and see what they will give you for it… They will do better then a pawn shop will…. My jeweler is the Gem Smith in Bountiful just off of 2600 North… Good luck it’s amazing how great of a feeling it is when you get rid of that thing… You would never believe it! Good luck on getting the Ipad… We are definitely MAC’s…

21 10 2010

MAC all the way! We are in desperate need of a desktop too…maybe a Christmas present we give ourselves? We’ll see! Our financial situation (paying off the car, mortgage, and new baby) is keeping us from buying cool toys too, we know how you feel!

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