ticking clock.

17 10 2010

Our second speaker in church today said something I’ve been thinking about all day;

“We’ve got all of these things to help us do things faster – but we still feel like there is not enough time in the day…”

He mentioned a few things like dish washers, laundry machines, cars, etc. etc. Each of these items helps us accomplish a task much faster than our pioneer ancestors.
Yet, at the end of the day I still often feel like I didn’t have enough time to accomplish all of the things I wanted to do.

How is that even possible?

Do we get more done than the pioneers did in a day?

But then again, they typically worked from sunrise to sunset.

Yeah – I’ll say we get more done in a day than they do.
Maybe my grandkids will be even more productive…
Hard to believe – but most likely true.

I like thinking about this:

“one day is with the Lord as a thousand years…” (2 Peter 3:8)

Imagine if one day was a thousand years. I could get SO much done. It would be ridiculous.
Several years ago I did a blog post about what I would do if I could live to 800.
I’m reposting the list and making a few changed…

*Live on EVERY continent. (Yes, including Antarctica)
*Learn roughly 20 languages (one of those must be the clicking language down in Africa)
I figure with 20 languages you can safely navigate most of the world.
*Start a successful company (I’ll sell it off for around 8 figures before moving on)
*Learn about 6 culinary dishes from MOST cultures worldwide so I can hold spectacular dinner parties.
*Learn every bboy move possible (and create some of my own)
*Win the Red Bull BC One!
*Own my own dance studio that gives completely FREE lessons to the kids who can’t afford the normal studios. (Mine will be better anyways!)
*Win a PGA tour
*Learn to fly
*Live in the Amazon for awhile
*Have sex 283,300 times (thanks for doing the math on that Ashley)
*Visit every temple (both LDS and non-LDS)
*Learn to play the piano so well I get invited to play at Carnegie Hall, NYC
*Become a professional photographer
*Write several books (I actually am hoping to do this within this lifetime)
*Win a gold medal in the Olympics (I’m not too fussed about which sport it’s in)
*Have my own clothing line
*Take a trip around the world in a hot air balloon
*Go to the moon to moonwalk
*Build little neighborhoods in several areas of need around the world
*Form a non-profit that helps kids in need get an education so that they can succeed and in turn help other kids
*Have a very large family
*Create the craziest zoo, EVER
*Have a pet tiger (at least until he tries to kill me)
*Star in a Bollywood movie (how could you not want to be in a movie where everyone spontaneously starts dancing)
*Be President of the United States (this was the ONLY thing I wanted to be my entire youth)
*Get back into playing the french horn and play with the New York Philharmonic
*Conduct an orchestra (after developing “perfect pitch”)
*Star in a TV show (preferably a comedy)
*Become so rich that I can end hunger in several countries for a couple centuries
*Become professionally capable in EVERY major dance form (including ballet)\
*Read over 10,000 books
*Become the ultimate conversationalist

*Spend the ENTIRE 800 years developing meaningful and lasting friendhsips/relationships (out of all of the endless possibilities of things to do, this is the MOST important)

Thinking about all of the things I want to do and then remembering my life is SO short is a sobering thought.

Am I using the time I have been given to the fullest?

? What would you do if you could to be 800?




2 responses

17 10 2010
Anthony Ambriz

I think there is a scripture that talks about how in the latter-days that things would be done faster yet we would still not have time… something along those lines or it could be a Joseph Smith prophecy.

Anyways…. I’ve always pondered over this topic on several occasions maybe even a weekly thing to be honest.

I feel the reason we sometimes feel we don’t have enough time is because we put too much on our plate. Schedule too many to-do’s.

Now about those meaningful relationships… it would be nice to have the Aldous family to be a part of the Ambriz family. (Make the time!)

Also I’m going to put myself out there. I always wanted to be a part of the Kyle and Brandon club because you guys seemed so cool to me. Also always wanted to be part of the Groundhounds family but it didn’t seem to let outsiders in.

Maybe one day. But yeah when are you and your lady coming over!

Oh I forgot to answer the question. Not sure yet but I’ll live to be past that a few hundred years from now and then we’ll see what happens.

18 10 2010

Oh the 800 years list. I need to relook at mine and probably make some changes.

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