zion national park.

9 10 2010

My sister, Kourtney, works at the Ponderosa Ranch down in Zion National Park. She practically runs the place right now and starting in January she will be completely in charge of everything.

She’s legit.
She could take you on ATV trails that would challenge even an experienced rider.
She could take you canyoneering through some intense canyons.
She could have you shooting clay pigeons.

Basically she has become the ultimate guide down there.

We all went down to the ranch to visit Kourtney this weekend. I’ve been down there a couple other times, but this was easily the best. Kourtney led us on all of the different activities and we did more than we’ve ever done before.

It was a pretty crazy day – I’ll give you the abbreviated rundown:

Leah got thrown from the ATV.
Mike lit his entire leg on fire.
We broke the gas cap on my car.
We shot clay pigeons.
We zip-lined.
We took in some breathtaking views.

What a great day.
I’m feeling really grateful right now…

“And to stand every morning to thank and praise the Lord, and likewise at even…” (1 Chronicles 23:30)

? What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

*Kourtney, thanks for an absolutely amazing weekend. You’re amazing!




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