first step.

4 10 2010

This is a picture of an envelope.
Inside is a check.

It’s not just any check though – this check represents the first step towards being completely debt-free.
I am so excited about this that I took a picture of the envelope and am now spending my lunch break writing about it.

Leah has some student loans that we will get taken care of and I have my car and some outstanding debt to my parents.
This check is being sent to my parents!

The first of many checks to come.
I’m excited. So excited.

I can’t wait to be debt free.
I hate having things hanging over my head.
It sucks.

“…behold it is my will that you shall pay all your debts.” (D&C 104:78)

Time to get finances in line…

? Are you debt-free, or not – and what tips do you have for avoiding debt?




6 responses

4 10 2010
Charis Aldous

Outside of the mortgage we are debt free. And now we will be one check closer to getting the mortgage paid off! THANKS!

The secret of being debt free – It’s all about NEEDS AND WANTS!


4 10 2010

Good for you two that you are thinking this through and getting it done early.

remember the saying… live like know one else today so that you may live like no one else tomorrow.

We are mostly debt free, we do not buy anything on credit that we do not pay off every single month, the only exceptions are the cars and house. Credit cards are good for you to establish your credit and get points so you can enjoy life a little.

We use credit cards as part of our budget. we have budgeted every month how much we can spend on each credit card and we DO NOT go over that.

I know some friends that use and love it. read some of Dave Ramseys books and listen to him.

4 10 2010
Kameron Aldous

Maybe you should hit up your little bro with some cashhh monayy soon 🙂

4 10 2010
Anthony Ambriz

No where near being debt free… but continually working on it.

I’m going to join the National Guard to help with school debts. It will also help with getting a nice career because Military Service always looks good. Plus I’m serving my country Captain Moroni style!

5 10 2010

Car will be paid off after November so I guess it’s just our mortgage! Yay! I can’t help but think of that SNL clip about Not Buying Stuff You Can’t Afford. Too funny!

7 10 2010

We’ve talked about this before. Budgeting opens up new worlds, gives freedom and opportunity. Debt free is the way to be if you want to hear a corny phrase. But even better than debt free is having savings…and that my friend takes some work to build up…its what we’re trying to do now.

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