bringin’ home the W.

30 09 2010

Last night I battled in a competition over at Muse Music.

It was a 16-man invitational that I was invited to compete in. My buddy Anthony threw the jam. (he’s done a good job of trying to get hip-hop more recognition through the area)

It was the first one-on-one competition I’ve done since I battled at Unbreakable while I was living in Virginia.

Battles are strategic.
One-on-one’s are an even crazier game.
You need to always be looking ahead to the next round to make sure you have enough moves to beat the next guy. You don’t want to waste anything as you progress through the event.

Last night I got lucky and had a couple breaks in the middle of the event and didn’t have to use up everything in the middle – so I had just enough at the end to eek out a win.

The big “W”.

Have you ever won something and then was a little shocked you won?
I kind of felt that way last night.
When the final battle ended I actually thought Gauge won.
Maybe it’s hard to be a truly neutral judge when you’re in the middle of the battle.

It would have been great if some of our great scripture battles had actually been dance battles.

Have you ever tried to imagine one of the prophets throwing some crazy moves?

“And David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.” (2 Samuel 6:14)

I’ve danced with all my might on many occasions…

But never in a linen ephod…

? What kind of dancing do you like to do?




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2 10 2010

Way to go!

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