red pants.

29 09 2010

Yes. I own red pants.
Oh, and maroon.
And green.

I wear all of them. (well, I don’t wear the green as much)

Today I’m wearing my red pants.

But I think the days of my red pants have gone the way of the earth. (well at least in public)

Leah is not a fan of red… or maroon… or green… or basically anything with a dickies logo on the back.
*single tear*

Yes, it’s not the most professional look.
But it’s still sad to see the days of wearing whatever I want going away.

Theere was once another young man who wore colorful clothes that got him in trouble…
Would it be a stretch to compare this scripture to my current situation?

“And it came to pass, when Joseph was come unto his brethren, that they stript Joseph out of his coat, his coat of many colours that was on him.” (Genesis 37:23)

Ok – yeah a stretch. Maybe it’s a metaphorical stripping of my pants of many colors…

? When you got married, were there items of clothes your spouse wasn’t a fan of or that you didn’t like on your spouse?




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29 09 2010

Oh yes, he has a ratty t shirt from high school wrestling that is threadbare and gross. We still have it. BUT he finally last month got ride of a 3 liter sprite bottle that was from a high school science project (launching bottles and his won) so I guess I’ll not complain for a few years.

I had a pair of PJ pants I got from Sister Todd. One Sunday a bunch of us girls (say when we were 14) were hanging at the Todd’s after church and they lent me a pair of pj pants that were Sister Todds. They were so stretchy I could fit my whole body inside and pull them up to my head. I LOVED those pants! She let me keep them and we were about two years into the marriage when I finally go rid of them b/c Reed hated them so much! I’ll admit though I would wear them to the grocery store….SO I can understand his hatred. I do miss those pants though…Reed and I could both stand inside them they were so big and comfortable!

30 09 2010
Chelle Ethington

Have you looked at what we were wearing in the 70’s…need I say more!!

30 09 2010

Dallas has some ridiculous shirts from DI that he would not throw away insisting that someday he will wear the shirts! I think I’ve gotten rid of a few every time we move, but he still has some that I could care less for in the closet right now!

30 09 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Yeah… but that didn’t mean I had to stop wearing them. It just means you don’t wear that clothes when you’re with them in public.

But in my case Bekah digs my style. So there really wasn’t anything I had to get rid of… I can dress like a bboy, a hip hop head, hipster, punk, skater, or whatever other stereotype I want to be. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have to stop experimenting… I’ve personally wanted to start buying colorful jeans… Dickies you say? Yeah those were my middle school days but only black and khaki.

4 10 2010
Sarah Lewis

He said I had too many purses and shoes. What’s wrong with having a different purse and pair of shoes for every outfit? So, he bought me a Miche bag and I told him to deal with the shoe thing. Marriage is all about compromise! LOL

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