joint accounts.

25 09 2010

Well, today we finally got around to joining our bank accounts.
Now we are equally poor.

I had one of those moments while I was sitting across from the banker where I realized – wow, I’m married.

Joining bank accounts is serious business.

“For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one…” (Matthew 19:5)

Ok -so the scripture isn’t talking about bank accounts.
But, it still works!

Now it’s time for Leah and I to do a budget and begin paying of the car and old student loans!


? Any helpful suggestions for the newlyweds on creating a budget, or good ways to save?




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26 09 2010

This is a great read and totally true. Being content with what you have is KEY to cutting and maintaining reduced spending. We use for budgeting and LOVE it. It is pricey and may not be something you want to use now but I can’t speak highly enough of it. We paid off 10K of debt in 5 months instead of the 11+ we’d planned. We’re actually saving for many things now and finding success with it. It is wonderful!

Bottom line, stop watching commercials, window shopping, reading magazines and its easier to be content.

27 09 2010

LOVE it! Thanks for the recommendation!!
I’ve noticed that I really don’t need a lot of things. We definitely don’t have all of the things I had when I lived at home – but I don’t really mind. In fact I’ve forgotten about it. We don’t even have a bed frame – just a mattress on the floor and it’s totally cool!

26 10 2010
PH Paper :

i like bed frames that are made of bronze or steel, they are very durable and longer lasting compared to wood”;,

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