22 09 2010

Pride comes before the fall.
This is a popular phrase not just in the church – but in mainstream culture.

I remember hearing it as a kid and having it drilled into my mind that moment I began to get a little arrogant/prideful/complacent/uppity my world would come crashing down (unless I first chose to humble myself)

Have you read President Benson’s talk on pride?
Scary stuff.
Basically pride comes in forms you didn’t even think possible. (ultimately this makes all of us very guilty of pride in some way, shape or form)

“…but beware of pride, lest ye become as the Nephites of old.” (D&C 38:39)
Nephites of old? Yeah, a FALLEN people.

I was reminded of my own struggles with the subject this morning.
We have an outside company that handles a lot of our “creative work”.
Graphic Designs.

They’re a touch pricey. So we were discussing the option of moving some of it in-house.
Great idea!

But who should do it?
Of course I volunteered. For some reason I just love volunteering for more projects at work. I was really excited about this one because i’ve always had a desire to really improve my skills in this realm.

I came home so excited and told my wife. She smiled and remarked that it is more challenging to do these things than I think. (she would know – she did graduate with a degree in a very similar field)

Of course I got immediately defensive and exclaimed that I would not only be able to accomplish the projects i just took on but that I would show her I could do just as good as anyone else. (even her)
Yes. Of course.

Leah is So patient with me that even after all of my babble about my “skills’ she even volunteered to help me out.
Can you guess my response?
If you guessed a resounding NO, then you are correct.

Yeah – somebody needs to just pop my head right now.
Well, don’t worry. I popped my own head this morning after I went into the store and took a bunch of pictures. (and wasn’t too thrilled on any of them)

I was wrong.
It is harder than I thought.
I will give credit and respect to those who have studied and worked hard to develop those talents.

However – having said that, there is no reason why I can’t LEARN how to do these things better. Obviously it is not a natural gift, but I will definitely now be putting in some extra time in order to develop these skills.

Maybe I’ll even ask my wife for some help…. (if the offer is still on the table)

? Have you ever thought you could do something and then failed?




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