21 09 2010

I just got out of the shower.
Not something I typically do at 11:00 PM.

I taught class over at Center Stage and then went and practiced with the BYU breakdance club and then went home.

There are 2 ways this scenario could play out:

Single Kyle:
Goes home. Stops @ Del Taco on the way to buy 6 soft tacos. (They’re only $.39 each!) After getting home he eats food while watching a TV show. (any show will do) Then he drinks a TON of juice. (not a big water guy) Finally he brushes his teeth says a prayer and calls it a night. (If he’s really tired he just sleeps in his clothes)

Married Kyle:
Drives straight home to see wife. Prays food will be available upon arrival. (Leah is amazing, there was a pizza waiting in the oven for me) Eats quickly. Then hits the shower. Puts on clean clothes. Brushes teeth. Reads scriptures with wife. Says a prayer and then calls it a night.

I don’t feel like there have been any really big changes since being married. It seems like being married is just a lot of little things that you do a little differently than before – typically for the better (I think). Although I don’t think anyone will argue that I am worse off for taking a shower after 4 hours of dancing.

“But if he wash them not, nor bathe his flesh; then he shall bear his iniquity.” (Leviticus 17:16)

? What are some small changes you have made since being married?




4 responses

22 09 2010

Not buying things whenever I want??? Though I am the shopper and manage the money in our house. I also try to always let someone know where I am. I bet Leah was pretty happy about that shower. Much as I love my husband there is not much more disgusting than every time he lifts his arm catching a foul breeze…ok worse though is when you’re on a car trip and he reaches to pause the stereo and each time he does that the AC blows the stench into your face….ewwww! (I do love him!)

23 09 2010

I know the exact feeling. I now have a little voice in my head that asks me if I really need what I am about to buy! I’m not sure how much I like this voice! hahaha

22 09 2010

Just working out our schedules together. There have been years where I make the lunches for us and years where he makes the lunches for us. (It’s definately my year now and probably will be forever once the baby comes!) I also watch a lot more ESPN and sports than EVER before, but I love just being on the couch with Dallas so what else is a girl to do?!

23 09 2010

Nice!! Lots of ESPN! That sounds like a good change!!!

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