the only brawl that begins with a prayer.

18 09 2010

Do you play sports with other Mormons?

If you do, then you understand the reality of the this blog posts title. There is something strange about LDS people (guys) and competitive sports. It’s as if all of those primary songs about loving your neighbor are pushed aside and replaced by something by Rage Against the Machine.

“ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:35)

My first “brawl that begins with a prayer” experience was playing Stake basketball as a youth. I can remember playing a game against the Friendswood ward (at the time known for very athletic youth) and not even halfway through the game we had to send my buddy Jamie to the hospital for stitches because he got pushed on a breakaway into the stage.

Years later I joined the ranks of thousands of BYU students who participate in Intramural sports. Intramural sports are for people who love sports but aren’t good enough to play at the collegiate level. (That’s me and basically every other BYU student).

I played four years and did soccer, basketball and football. Never in my entire life have I witnessed such a high level of trash talking and “undercover” physical abuse.

In fact I am sad to admit that I have been part of several skirmishes on the field.

My worst offense?
I’m not sure I want to admit this.
Last Fall before I moved back home I was playing in a soccer game that got a little heated. I went in and challenged for the ball and the other guy got knocked over. His teammate came up behind me and said something I won’t even begin to write. I turned around and (before I finish this, let me just point out that I had just broken up with a girl I was engaged to, was just laid off, and basically was mentally in a bad place) said “what the f man? and then knocked him to the ground.

I know.
Immediate guilt and remorse.

It was crazy because I am typically so chill about everything. Part of me feels like that is the reason a lot of guys lose their cool. Things could be going wrong in their life, the game gets heated, somebody makes a comment or pushes them too far and then suddenly they SNAP!

I promised myself I would never react like that EVER again.
I haven’t.

But we had an intramural game this morning (my first one since I moved back) and I was instantly reminded of the sometimes brutal nature of the game.

It will never change – it’s just the nature of church sports I guess.

? Do you have any crazy intramural or church sports stories?




2 responses

23 09 2010
Untypically Jia

I do NOT play Church sports. I went to Volleyball this year with a friend and we watched as one woman punched (not hit, not spiked, PUNCHED) a volleyball in frustration, launching it across the gym and into the domino row of metal chairs . . . and they all fell.

23 09 2010

Hahaha! I could totally imagine that happening at a church volleyball game!

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