you are what you are told you are.

17 09 2010

I taught down in Payson tonight. I have 3 classes down there.
Teen class (mixed guys & girls)
Kids class (mixed guys & girls)
Boys class (Boys under 8)

My teen class is pretty unique. I’ve taught at about 8 different studios (including substitute stints)

Most classes consist of these stereotypes:
Kid who won’t try anything.
Kid who will try anything. (sometimes dangerous)
Kid who thinks he/she sucks.
Kid who actually does suck.
Kid who doesn’t even want to be there.
Kid willing to do exactly everything you ask and is mostly successful.
Kid who doesn’t stop talking(in a dance class, too much talking is typically not so good)

My teen class is filled completely with
Kid willing to do exactly everything you ask and is mostly successful.

It is incredible.
I have been there twice and it has been one of the best teaching experiences I’ve had.

Tonight when I finished my class I had an interesting experience. One of the moms came up to me with her daughter and asked me if I was going to be teaching any hip-hop?
My answer was no.

The mom then said her daughter is a klutz and that she’s worried she’s going to hurt herself.
Her daughter was standing right there and put her head down as her mom spoke. I told her mom that her daughter was excellent (she was) and that I saw no signs of klumsiness (I didn’t).

I know her mom had good intentions – but I was not too thrilled about how she presented her concern to me.
I got the vibe (which could be wrong) that this isn’t the first time ther daughter has been called a klutz in public.
I felt bad for her. She’s at a tricky age where certain mindsets and patterns are developed. The last thing I want someone telling one of my dancers is that they’re a klutz. (horrific reinforcement)

I think certain issues definitely need to be addressed and that kids should not be spoon-fed rainbows and sunshine constantly. But there is a time and a place for correction and concerns.

Wrong time and wrong place tonight.

“Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love…” (D&C 121:43)

? Have you ever been corrected in an unpleasant manner?




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