fresh sales approach.

28 08 2010

We have some incredible toys in the store right now; Ezy-Rollers, plasma cars, Hexbugs, Magformers, etc. etc…

BUT – like any strictly brick and mortar operation, the toys are good as long as you get bodies moving through the store.

You can’t sell a toy to someone who isn’t in your store, right? (ok, well you can if you’re also an online store – which we aren’t… just yet)

Today I packed up half a dozen Ezy-Rollers and plasma cars and drove out to Eagle Mountain (a relatively affluent area). The purpose of the trip was to film some short video segments for our upcoming Blickenstaff’s blog (don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s up). The blog is going to feature a Toy of the Week! Each toy will have a short write-up as well as a video and some kind of special deal on it.

We recently hired a guy who is a film major at BYU and he was excited to be able to film some stuff for us – so we went up to Eagle Mountain to meet up with some of his nieces and nephews (and the entire neighborhood) to do some filming.

As soon as a few kids started riding around we had ALL kinds of kids coming out of the woodwork looking to have a ride. I’m not sure how they heard about it or if they just saw us and came wandering over. It was incredible. Parents were coming out and asking us questions about price and how and where to buy one.

The filming went great because we had a lot of happy kids riding around.

But I left the film session focused entirely on the possibilities of neighborhood riding promotions.
Imagine a toy store rolls into your neighborhood and just lets your kids play with a bunch of different toys. You see the toy in action and see which toy your kid actually likes so there is no more guess work in your gift buying.

The toy store is AMAZING in practically every way possible. But if there is another avenue we could pursue to get the job done – then it needs to be pursued.

Some of the prophets have faced serious obstacles in getting the message across to the people they were teaching. Abinadi was kicked out and the only back in was:

“…Abinadi came among them in disguise…” (Mosiah 12:1)

Sometimes the best sales approach is one disguised as something completely different.

? What would you think if a toy store showed up in your neighborhood for a toy day?



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29 08 2010

We’d love it! These Ezy Rollers were Tyler’s favorite toys at the store. He came home and periodically tells me how he’s going to build one and what materials he needs. Back in the day we had friends with roller racers which had a triangular seat and handlebars you moved with your feet like these. SO. Much. Fun. I’m really tempted to ask my parents to get the kids some of these!

7 09 2010
Sarah Lewis

Salesman’s approach: genius.
Child’s perspective: awesome.
Mom on a budget: are you freakin’ kidding me…noooooooooo! 😉


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