the interview.

24 08 2010

I’m less than two weeks away from getting married.

That means that tonights interview was with the Bishop!
Oh Yeah!

There is something about interviews that has always made me a little uneasy. (I attribute this to my sliding scale of obedience)
Even when I have been on my best behavior I’ve always been a little nervous going into interviews.

I feel like there is always something else I could or should be doing better. So when they I get asked if I feel worthy to go to the temple I always have a little hesitation in my gut. I could try my very hardest and still come up short of perfect cleanliness.

“…and no unclean thing can dwell with God…” (1 Nephi 10:21)

So, of course there is always this tiny lingering feeling of unworthiness.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get past that. I may never feel like I am totally clean and ready to just be in His presence.

Well, the Bishops interview is done – now there is just the Stake President on Sunday!

? Do you ever feel like you are 100% clean?



One response

25 08 2010

I think it comes from being the son of a Bishop.

Also, I think if that nervous feeling ever goes away you better either have that Calling and Election made sure, or you better talk to the Bishop about getting to mundane in your worship and the temple. We all get that feeling, especially when we get married for time and all eternity. We are showing everyone watching that we are willing to take care of ALL aspects of being a Husband and Father that is a lot of pressure. I’m sure you will be great in both

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