23 08 2010

One of my assignments for the wedding.

I’m not doing so well with it at the moment.
It sucks that my buddy Mike had some sick ties for us to wear to his wedding and I’m not really feeling anything I’m seeing.

I’m down to 2 weeks and I’m feeling the heat.

I gotta come up with something.

I am really into the whole skinny tie thing, so that narrows things down a bit.

It helps that I often take my fashion cues from Justin and (if the money was there) Neil Kaffrey.

Although eventually skinny ties will be out and fat will be back. Basically you should just wear whatever you want to wear because eventually everything comes back into style…

or, out of style completely:

“or the fashion of this world passeth away…” (1 Corinthians 7:31)

This whole tie thing has been a sore spot in the whole planning process. I will be a lot happier when I find ties and we can call it a day!

? Are you a fat tie or skinny tie?



2 responses

24 08 2010

You could make the tied 😉 Or not. I’ve heard they can be a beast but then you could just find the fabric….Since you have SO MUCH time on your hands…

25 08 2010
Clayton Ashcraft

Do skinny ties! Like rainbow colors for Tyson! haha

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