final four.

18 08 2010

Remember the Dr. Pepper contest I entered a few weeks ago?
Surprise! I’m one of the four finalists!

I was completely shocked. There were well known and much more accomplished bboys who submitted audtition videos.

I’m really excited even though I wasn’t even going to audition at first. I did it because my buddy Johnny was going to do it.

And now here I am.
Final Four!

Well, if you have a chance…. go to this link and vote for me!

“never was a happier time…” (Alma 50:23)

Ok, so maybe there have been happier times – but this is somewhere along the top!

? Have you voted for me yet? Hahaha




2 responses

19 08 2010

Yes, twice now! We’re crazy excited for you. Oh but keep posting it daily on facebook so it reminds me to, k?

20 08 2010
Chelle Ethington

Of course!! Good luck. Posted it so my friends can see it also. Hope it all works out for you – it is just too fun.

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