candy fast.

16 08 2010

That’s right, you read correctly – candy fast!

As in, I’m not going to eat a single piece of candy (or drink any soda for that matter) until I am back from my Honeymoon. (maybe longer if I feel up to the challenge)

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “but Kyle, you’re the guy who sleeps with candy right next to the bed. You wake up sometimes and there is candy in bed with you because somehow you ate while sleeping. You work at a CANDY/toy store. You are the candyman!”

Yes. You are correct.
But something was pointed out to me this weekend.

I have put some weight on. (not much – but it’s noticeable)
My buddy Brian informed me I’ve put some weight on. He’s correct! He said eating lots of sugar actually slows the metabolism down. (not good) And, I have not been dancing even close to the amount I used to.
Slower metabolism + low exercise levels = gaining unnecessary weight (as well as being generally unhealthy)

NOT good.

So, the plan is to cut out the candy. ALL of it. No more soda either. Basically I’m trying to cut off the excess sugar. (There is ALOT to cut)

“I, the Lord, have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving; nevertheless they are to be used sparingly.” (D&C 89:12)

Ok, the scripture is about meat, but it could be said about anything. (well, almost anything)

? What do you do to stay healthy?




2 responses

17 08 2010

Um first I don’t eat gluten…I say that because for me it is BAD. But in general I don’t eat things that I know without a doubt are bad for me. I’ve learned that list includes gluten, processed dairy, pork, beef (can eat a few times a month but not many), most raw veggies (must be well cooked) and candy/soda. Since I cut out those things I get sick maybe a fraction of the time I did before.

Healthy is different for everyone but moderation and listening to your body is the best thing you can do.

(I heart starbursts…and had no idea they were one of the big causes of problems…so sad!)

17 08 2010

We try to work out and eat balanced meals. Cutting sugar is hard, but I think Dallas and I should join you on this “candy fast” b/c we definately eat too much candy!

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