santa monica.

13 08 2010

I LOVE Santa Monica beach.

It may not be the nicest beach with great sand and clear water – but the atmosphere makes up for anything you might find lacking. There is a great vibe that runs throughout the beach as well as Third Street Promenade.

We drove non-stop from Vegas to Santa Monica Beach today, hopped out of the car and headed for the water.

It is just so ALIVE.

There are street performers on the promenade, people using various gymnast type equipment on the beach and a fun pier to walk around.

Brian and Joanna buried me in the sand and did a mermaid outline of me.

As I sat there, for just a brief second being covered in mounds of sand I thought about how there are tons of scriptures that talk about the inhabitants of the earth being greater in number than the sands of the sea.

“thy people Israel be as the sand of the sea…” (2 Nephi 20:22)

Have you ever tried to count the grains of sand?
I just looked at them and gave up and was briefly in AWE of the number of children Heavenly Father has.

Then I returned to thinking about how awesome it was to be hanging out on the beach!

? What’s your favorite beach?




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