vegas. vegas. vegas.

12 08 2010

I went down to California for my friend Mike’s wedding this weekend.
They got married in the Redlands temple.

So, we obviously took Interstate-15.
And, when you take the 15 South you HAVE to pass through…


I lived in Las Vegas for a summer when I was managing a sales team out there.

When you think of Las Vegas you inevitably think of The Strip.
Lights. Casinos. Gambling. Lights. People. Hotels. Lights!

The Strip is the type of place that is exciting for a weekend.
Luckily, we were only there for one night – SO it was VERY exciting!

We got a room comped at the Paris (thanks for all of your gambling Mike – the Paris hooked it up).

We kicked it by the pool, ate at the buffet and then hit the tables.
Yes, the tables.

A bachelor weekend (well, Joanna was there too – but she fits perfectly with us) so gambling was definitely on the table.
Before, I left, Leah told me I was allowed $20. (I’m surprised she allowed me to use that)

Well, $20 became about $600 at one time. (I’m convinced Joanna was good luck for us).
Then I turned over my wallet and bigger chips to Joanna and told her to give me nothing back – NO MATTER what I said.
I then lost about $300, so I ended with $300.
Not too shabby.

What a great friend. (She hid my wallet)
I tried to find it the next morning so I could play a little before we left, but alas, she didn’t give me my wallet back till we reached CA.

In retrospect – I shouldn’t have gambled at all.

I have done such a great job the past few years doing this:

“cross yourself in these things.” (Alma 39:9)

One moment of weakness cost me several years worth of avoiding the tables.

Time to start over…

? I’m not sure I want to hear this (haha) but what are your thoughts on gambling?




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