9 08 2010


Yes, I’m talking to you. (all of you)

I come into contact every day with people who are way too STRESSED.
Life is hard, there’s lots to worry about and lots to do …. blah blah blah.

I know.
I’m not saying you should forget about everything that needs to be done –

BUT I’m definitely saying you need to prioritize.
If it’s not at the top of the list don’t freak out if it doesn’t get done.

We are not meant to do more than our bodies can handle.

When you work so hard that your body basically shuts down you have probably pushed it too far.
It’s not healthy.
We were not meant to experience life at that extreme.

Here is some helpful advice from a great movie:

“…men are, that they might have joy.” (2 Nephi 2:25)

If you work so hard and stress so much that you are sick – it’s probably time to cut back a little!
Enjoy life!
You deserve it!

I’ve mentioned this in other blog posts but the Prophet Joseph Smith counseled us to “unstring the bow“. A bow that is left strung constantly loses it’s elasticity and thus it’s ability to be used at it’s greatest potential.

A mind and body that are constantly strung lose their ability to be used at their greatest potential.

? What do you do to unstring your bow?




2 responses

9 08 2010

Laughing….lots of laughing!

11 08 2010
Chelle Ethington

But…just when I think I am at my max (and am ready to quit) I am amazed at what my body can handle – and I never know until I try. My workout these days consists of swimming 15 laps (Mon-Wed-Fri), spinning for an hour (Tues-Thurs), and running 3.2 miles (Sat). None of it is record breaking, but for this slightly old body it is a revelation. And, yes…it does unstring my bow. But at the same time one more thing to stress about – the guilt I feel when I take a day off. Oh well…

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