pain relief.

7 08 2010

What do you take for pain relief?

Actually the better question is probably, do you take anything?

I know lots of people who like to just TOUGH it out. They don’t want to get hooked on anything or be dependent on a pill for pain relief.

That’s actually the method I follow for the most part.

Every day is filled with varying degrees of neck and back pain.
The level of pain depends on how much I stretch and how hard I was on my body during practice the night before. (Although it probably doesn’t help that I am standing most of the day at work).

I practiced really hard Thursday night. I recently learned how to do babymills and now I’ve begun working on halos. Babymills were hard on my shoulder but it wasn’t too bad. Halos are hard on my neck. But it should get better after I start improving my technique.

Last night after I finished work I went to help Leah with invitations. (which by the way are being sent out on Monday – so if YOU have not sent me an address and you would like one please send me your address ASAP!)

My neck felt strained most of the day – but I finally reached a point where I couldn’t sit up anymore. I’ve only felt like this a couple of times. The pain was so bad I could barely keep myself up.

Sidenote: This happened after practice several years ago while I was in school and one of my roommates gave me something for the pain (I’m not sure what it was, I think some kind of horse tranquilizer).
All of my pain disappeared!
Of course I also lost almost all of my mobility for 24 hours. It took me about 20 minutes to crawl from the couch to my room and get into bed.
The problem was that I took 2 full pills when I was only supposed to take a half of one. (a mistake I will never make again)

I really wish I had one of those pills right now.
OR – I would pass on the pill if I could get a promise like this:

“And again, ye shall not have pain while ye shall dwell in the flesh…” (3 Nephi 28:9)

Oh man, then I would be able to practice ALL the time and never have to worry about how my body is going to feel the next day!

? What do you take for pain relief?




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7 08 2010
Chelle Ethington

I am not a big fan of toughing it out – although I don’t take something at the first sign of pain. So I would say it depends on what kind of pain it is. I will use anything from OTC (Tylenol/Excedrine/Bayer) to prescription (Vicodin/Hydrocodone) – whatever it takes.

8 08 2010

i have some leftover lortab:)
actually i kinda promised it to kory…

8 08 2010

Promised it to Kory?? Hahaha
I need it for medicinal purposes…. not recreational! Hahahaha
j/k Kory!

9 08 2010

I’ve had my days of pain meds…they don’t work much now but I’ve learned to tough through most of it. I do take advil some nights to try to relax my jaw a bit (I grind) but have been doing it less and less b/c I didn’t notice a difference. Hydrocodone is nice, it was my best bud last year until about the time it started taking 2 hours to kick in and even then wouldn’t do much. It is amazing after not taking it a few months when I did take it how it would actually kick in within ten minutes like when I first started it. But alas, I’m off the drugs and narcotic free for about 10 months now! The problem with the real pain relievers is they are just blocking receptors or confusing your brain and don’t stop the pain…

I’m looking forward to that scripture coming to pass for eternity!

2 02 2011

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