dr. pepper dance contest.

30 07 2010

A little while ago Dr. Pepper announced a dance contest on YouTube. They had a few well known bboys (Luigi, Kid Daivd and Venum) present some choreography. You are supposed to learn the choreo as best you can and then add a little freestyle of your own onto the end.

Originally I wasn’t planning on doing it.

BUT – I practiced with Shunta Nagano and Johnny Ahn a week and a half ago over at Center Stage and Shunta had learned the choreo…

This obviously led to the other two of us learning it and here we are :

It was a lot of fun to learn (I love the choreo because it’s Kid David’s).

YouTube contests are amazing because you can enter from anywhere! The technology we have is just incredible!

Imagine if we had to do things the old fashioned way:

“And Hezekiah received the letter of the hand of the messengers, and read it…” (2 Kings 19:14)

But it would be kind of cool to send and receive messengers!

? What technology are you most grateful for?




5 responses

31 07 2010

very nice my friend very nice.

I have bittersweet feelings for my smartphone and GPS. yes they both help me take care of business, but I remember when I used to remember things. I knew all kinds of phone numbers and directions and now if I don’t have my GPS I get lost if I leave well known surroundings, and I have a fraction of the phone numbers in my head that I had in high school, which by the way I still remember several numbers from high school.

31 07 2010

Phone numbers is one of the biggest changes!!! I totally agree! I used to have all kinds of things memorized. Now, I write it in my phone and forget about it until a reminder pops up or I just search my contact list when it’s time to make a call! Hahaha

31 07 2010
Mandi C.

LOVED the video! Awesome job!

1 08 2010

Yeah cell phones with phone lists are at the top of the list. They are wonderful! Email is nice too!

2 08 2010
Charis Aldous

Nice video! Technology that I am most grateful for, the basics – running water, electricity, heat, air conditioning, transportation. I am grateful for all the latest technology but I could still live and enjoy life without a cell phone, computer, etc. however, I don’t think I would be very happy without the basics.

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