28 07 2010

Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn’t do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.
– Vince Lombardi –

There are a million quotes and stories out there about ego, teamwork, success and how these things interact with each other.

I teach dance at a local studio called Center Stage. (If you live in Utah Valley, this is where you NEED to take your kids to learn dance)

It is an incredible studio.
I’ve been around for a couple years now and have seen some interesting changes.

I had a chance to substitute for the hip-hop company the other week. I’ve loved these kids for several years and have so much respect for the talent they have. They are a real pleasure to work with.

Having said that, here’s comes my caveat : There’s some attitudes developing. A handful of students are starting to let things go to their head. (Nephite Pride Cycle, right?)

“… being glifted up in the pride of their own eyes…” (Alma 1:32)

The kids are good – but not that good.
Advances in technology make it easy to see your competition – they are out there practicing – working every day so that they can be better than you.

I don’t care if you are the best in your studio.
There is someone at a studio in a city down the road who is better.
And someone down the road from that person who is even better.

I had a chance to help judge the hip-hop auditions today.
Some of the “best dancers” didn’t show up.
They want to see who is going to be on the company first and then just expect a spot to be available for them because they are good.


There was a lot of arguing and petty bickering when I subbed the other week.

I think of the quote form Lombardi – the Packers did everything based on the team, because they loved their teammates.

Contention will destroy even the MOST gifted team.
Love and unity can bring success to even the biggest underdog.

I wonder how far these kids could go if those few really gifted students would check the ego’s at the door and do everything in their power to contribute to the team.

? How do you help someone recognize the immense potential they could achieve if they would put their pride aside?




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