27 07 2010

Ok – so we got more of our engagement pictures in!

Decisions decisions, decisions…

“And every decision made … must be by the unanimous voice of the same…” (D&C 107:27)

We don’t need a unanimous voice to decide on a picture here (it’s the only scripture that seemed to work at the moment)

I’d love to know everyone’s opinion if there is one that really pops out to them!

My vote is with the breakdancing one (at least to be sent out to the people on my side). It’s a unique picture that I feel captures my personality!

Here’s our top 5:

? Which ones should we use?




12 responses

27 07 2010
Chantel Ockerman

I love love love the first one! she is so pretty, and the picture is so endearing! awesome couple, i’d say!

27 07 2010
Mandi C.

Dear Kylie,

As someone who receives easily an announcement a week (average) for the past 4 or 5 years… I think I should be a semi expert on this. ( how do i have friends left with those kind of numbers?)

Here are some of my annoyances. 1) FACES. When my friend sends me a photo of her and her beau and I’ve never met him because they are out of state and all I see is his ear….or vice versa…. I get annoyed. You want to SEE the person. This eliminates #’s 1, 2, and 3 right off the bat for me. (though VERY cute) (actually… I’m not a fan of #3 at all…think of reactions from old bishops, friends who’ve never met you… etc etc)

This leaves #’s 4 and 5. While I LOOOOVE #5…. I think #4 is your $ maker, especially because you are naturally frowning in #5 as you do your moves….who wants to be FROWNING in their engagement pictures? In #4 You can see clearly both of your faces, and the look you guys are giving each other shows plainly that you are in love. It kind of makes my heart melt. The others should be blown up and present at your reception and then kept around the house because they are AWESOME…but due to my system….really #4 is the only option in my opinion.

Other annoyances are not present in these pictures and THANK YOU for not having a) a choking position (arm around someone’s neck ) and b) really tacky “look at my ring” shots. You two are BEAUTIFUL!!!

maybe i should write a book on engagement pictures. i think i’ve just written the first chapter…or at least the outline.

28 07 2010

I think that is a good photo too, but you for sure see to photo shop that really bright sun light with some photo shop or something, it takes away from you bright faces

28 07 2010
Mandi C.

I meant to say I’m not a huge fan of #2. #3 is very cute…just can’t see your faces.

28 07 2010

one or three or five for tradition

two would be more for oh I see what she sees in him

5 would be for TMZ superstars

but I would vote for one on cuteness and three for ability to see your face. you send your invites out to a lot of people that haven’t seen you in a while it is good for them to remember who they get the invitation from

28 07 2010

I so agree with the above comment! As cool of a concept as #5 is it doesn’t show that you to are crazy about each other or that you are excited to get married. First impression if I didn’t know is he likes to do his think and she tags along but it’s a sweet picture.

Number 4 is my favorite for an engagement photo it shows how crazy you two are for one another and that you are excited and together forever. That you stand together and one does not follow but you walk together. And it’s a great shot of both of you smiling! Number 4 is a definite winner!

The rest are keepers to have displayed around the reception and what else you want to do. But I think secretly you already knew that!

28 07 2010
Chelle Ethington

As a mom…and someone whose engagement picture was so boring (what can I say – it was 1974), I love #4! #5 is fun, but not an engagement picture. #1 is beautiful, and it gives me a great look at Leah, but I would want to see your face, too (becasue it is a face I have loved for a very long time…since you were born). But #4 shows me your hearts – that is what I want to see!

28 07 2010
Anthony Ambriz

1. Is nice but we don’t see your face.
2. I don’t want Kyle crotch in my face. Dope flare though.
3. Is way sick but we don’t see your faces.
4. Is something I’d see in a magazine. But I don’t know.
5. Is dope but not an engagement picture.

I guess I’m more of a traditional person. You see the couple holding each other close and the focus is on them. Not on each one of them individually. I know there is one on your Facebook that I like a lot.

28 07 2010

The last two are my favorites! How lucky you are to have a professional take your pics instead of your cousin! Hahaha!

28 07 2010
Charis Aldous

I’m not sure I like any of these for your wedding announcement picture. However, if I had to choose one I would choose #4. I really don’t like pictures where I can’t see both the bride and the groom. Even in #4 you are to far away to really get a good look at the two of you. Remember that your wedding announcement picture is meant to show everyone who the two of you are. Everyone looks at the picture, it’s all about the picture.

28 07 2010

Listen to your Mama!! The picture is EVERYTHING…if you must include one. All your other ‘expressive’ shots are nice, but it only showcases you…where is Leah’s passion? (I know….her passion is you…)

29 07 2010
Clayton Ashcraft

Dude for people on your side, The bboy one – its who you are and for people on her side the train tracks. As much as I love the one where shes looking at the camera and your face is pressed against hers, it doesnt show you. And people like to judge who’s marrying who haha.

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