comfort zone.

24 07 2010

I have a friend named Clayton.

Most people know him as C-Bass. C-Bass (anyone remember Dumb and Dumber?)

Anyways, he put up a video on his Facebook today talking about fear:

In the context of the church we are told that fear exists when faith is not present.

The question is how do you develop the faith necessary to remove fear?


“…but if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” (D&C 38:30)

In the church it is all about reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, attending your meetings (and staying awake during them). It’s the small “sunday school” answers that ultimately provide the faith that will cast out the fear.

The same is true in other aspects of life.

If anybody could pull off teaching a last minute hip-hop class it’s C-Bass.
The fear was only there because the preparation wasn’t.

The idea of doing something you’re afraid of daily sounds draining… oh man.

But think about the times you grow the most. It’s typically when you are thrown outside your comfort zone.
Fear usually arises any time we leave our comfort zone.

BUT – every time we leave our comfort zone we gain a little more confidence.
If you were to leave your comfort zone daily for a year you would have an unstoppable level of confidence and will have probably done things you never thought you were capable of… (ooohh, this sounds like an idea for another blog!)

I was petrified of serving a mission for a variety of reasons.
When I got back I remember clearly think ing I could do anything.

I still look back and draw strength from that experience.

Each time you leave your comfort zone you grow stronger.

I love C-Bass’s idea of tackling a fear on a regular basis. Overcoming fears and leaving our comfort zone build strength and character.

? When was the last time you left your comfort zone?




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