23 07 2010

Everywhere I turn I see jeans with some kind of design on them.
What’s the deal with all the crazy artwork on jeans these days? (said in my best Seinfeld impression)

No, but seriously.
It’s not just the ladies who have random squiggly marks adorning their butts, the guys have jumped on the butt artwork bandwagon as well.

I was talking with Leah about this one day and she said I sounded like an old man.

It’s probably because my actual question was: “what’s up with all these crazy kids and their decorated jeans?”

I need new jeans.

I haven’t bought jeans in years now… About 4 to be exact. I have one pair that doesn’t have holes in it.
It’s only a matter of time before that changes.

I decided to go to Express to find some jeans the other day and was shocked that I couldn’t a single pair of jeans that didn’t have some crazy design or color.

Should I want to wear jeans that look like this?

or this?


or this?

Ok, definitely not those. (I just wanted to make sure I showcased some womens jeans as well -with a model inside – haha)

Look, I just want a normal pair of jeans.
It appears that Target is the only one capable of carrying jeans that don’t sparkle, shimmer or shine.

Thank-you Target.

I’d love to see the ancient equivalent of sparkly jeans. Perhaps something like this:

Who knows what they wore.

I’ll tell you who dressed on the opposite end of the spectrum :

“And John was clothed with camel’s hair, and with a girdle of a skin about his loins…” (Mark 1:6)

Look, I’m down with keeping things simple, but camel hair is about where I draw the line.
Sorry John.

There’s nothing wrong with the shiny and intricately embroidered jeans – they just aren’t my thing.

? Am I “old” because I’m down with wearing sparkling jeans?




2 responses

23 07 2010

No…it just means you’re not a FLAMER!

25 07 2010
Anthony Ambriz

In honor of one of my favorite emcees Sage Francis I quote his works

“Opened the door to the store and I walked down the corridor
to see they had a blow out sale on Nautica
I’ve always been a Lord of the button down Flies?
Being they were half-priced, I pass ’em on by looking for Levis
But Guess what? All my favorite clothing lines and hip designs
Were being liquidized and it made me sick to my eyes
I don’t understand…when I had no ends…the price was quick to rise
I’d buy a pair of trends even if they didn’t fit my size
Purchase a surplus of fads from merchants whose ads
Made these cheap a** fabrics that were so worthless and sad
Just look priceless, they used unethical devices to attack my sense of
self-worth during my prepubescent crisis
It fed into my insecurities, so instead of being righteous
I want everyone to see me like this
It’s all about who looks the nicest”

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