wedding. wedding. wedding.

17 07 2010

What a crazy 24 hours.

2 weddings and a bridal show!

I feel engrossed in ALL things wedding at the moment!

Honestly – I’m happy for my two friends who got married.

BUT – I’m also jealous, envious, covetous etc.etc. that they got married.
Carrie & Jason planned their wedding in 5 weeks.
Mary & Taylor planned their wedding in 7 weeks.

I’m not getting married for another 7 weeks.
We’ve been planning for almost 4 weeks already.

The average wedding planning time out here is about 6 weeks.
I’m not even to the average yet.

Good grief.

Ok – I’m done ranting.

The bridal show was held at a place called La Caille.
Holy crap. It was ridiculously beautiful. It’s a place that comes straight out of a fairy tale.

Beautiful cottages built among the trees – forest animals just milling about – wild flowers everywhere!

Apparently somebody was telling us that meals are ridiculously expensive. I’m not surprised. Check this place out :

Leah had to help out with the Avenia booth (she works at a bridal store in Orem called Avenia). So I had the opportunity to look around and check out some of the other vendors booths.

Everywhere I went I couldn’t stop evaluating the quality of the representatives at the booth…
I think it’s because I’m in the middle of a book about customer service called: Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit.
(yes, I’m reading multiple books at the same time – I couldn’t help it, I wanted to start it!)

The book has me looking everywhere for good and bad examples of customer service.

I saw a lot of bad examples at the show.
Maybe it’s just the nature of the beast. I don’t know.
Maybe it’s because we got there in the afternoon and it was ridiculously hot.
Or, maybe the reps just sucked at making me feel like they actually wanted to talk with me.
We’ll never know.

I see customer service opportunities EVERYWHERE. It’s really funny.
The good thing is that I see them in my job at Blickenstaff’s and this past week I made an intense effort to really anticipate the needs of everyone in the store and help them feel like we were friends.

Good customer service is basically just good service.
And good service makes its way back to the top…

“…that ye may learn that when ye are in the bservice of your cfellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mosiah 2:17)

? What’s the worst example of customer service you’ve ever experienced?




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18 07 2010

I haven’t had any horrible ones lately but a small thing that IRKS me like just about nothing else is grocery store checkers who drop your produce down after scanning it and then drop it in the bag. I work so hard to get unblemished produce and yet when I get home I’ve got bruised fruit. To me that is one of the WORST things a grocery store can do to you.

18 07 2010
Chelle Ethington

I absolutely LOVE La Caille – but your are correct (in your assesment and your information) it is incredibly expensive, and the service is not always top notch…but the atmosphere makes up for a lot of deficiencies!! As for your wedding plans…Daryl and I had our 1st date on December 17 (his birthday), were engaged on January 7 and married on March 28 (pretty quick, but…). Looking back, I do wish we would have taken a little more time planning as there were things that didn’t get done that I wish had been done, and some things fell through the cracks simply because we didn’t have time to worry about them (but they would have been nice). As long as you put as much (or more) effort into your marriage as the planning, you will be great.

But, on to your question…examples of poor customer service. When Brittany and I go shopping together and we walk into one of ‘her’ stores (you know the ones…they don’t recognize my age backet) and the salesclerks fawn all over her and totally ignore me – or even worse, when I walk into one of these stores by myself and am totally ignored – I want to look at them as ask … JUST WHO DO THEY THINK IS GOING TO BE PAYING FOR THE THINGS SHE WANTS THAT DAY!?! Seriously, it makes me just want to turn around and walk out. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Okay…there is my soapbox. Each and every customer is vital to the survival of your business – treat them as such.

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