15 07 2010

This post is going to sound really vain – so if you can’t stop handle it





Haha. Just kidding – I need you to keep reading so I can get your advice.

I live in Utah. It’s dry – I know.
I use a moisturizer for my face but then it looks shiny -and still ends up being dry anyways (I’m not even sure how that’s possible)

Ok – so it’s not like I have leprosy or some flesh deteriorating disease:

“When a man shall have in the skin of his flesh a rising, a scab, or bright spot, and it be in the skin of his flesh like the plague of leprosy…” (Leviticus 13:2)

BUT – it’s kind of a big deal to me.
It’s bothered me for years.

There’s just something up with the skin on my face. I can’t quite put my finger on it (come to think of it, no dermatologist has been able to either). They’ve offered a bunch of useless crap that doesn’t help (sometimes it’s made things worse).

Looks don’t matter, right?

To an extent they do matter.
It’s only been recently that I’ve become more comfortable looking people in the face for any extended period of time. For awhile I had become a master of the quick glance/look away technique.

Ok -so if you have any helpful facial moisturizers/washes/products/tips etc. etc now is the time to chime in!

No, but seriously.

Right now I use Cetaphil…

? What products do you use on your face?




3 responses

15 07 2010

Ok I used Mary Kay for years and it was ok and then my skin changed it was bad news. I’ve since been using clinique’s facewash/toner/moisturizing gel and really like it. It is a “bit” more expensive than cetaphil but the facewash/toner have lasted nearly a year, and the moisturizer lasted 8 months.

16 07 2010

I use Mary Kay moisturizer occasionally, and I’m happy with it, but my skin doesn’t need much maintenance so I’m not very knowledgable on moisturizers. However, I know that fish oil is really, really good for your skin. It contains omega 3 essential fatty acids (whatever those are), and symptoms of omega 3 fatty acid deficiency include skin problems like dry and flaking skin. There are different kinds of fish oil, so if you try them, get the ones that are highest in EPA. Those are the best for dry skin.

16 07 2010

my first thought was clinique. seroiusly it’s amazing. and i think you can get it for different skin types. there’s usually an astringent and lotion that go together. i only ever use the lotion though if my face really needs it. something my mom would always do to make your skin naturally soft is rub avocado on it. honestly, just mash some up in a bowl (a VERY small amount, you don’t need very much) and put a thin layer on your face (you shouldn’t even be able to see it really so it’s not embarassing…except for those little chunks that make it look like you have random green boogers on your face), wait til it gets crusty and then wash it off:) natural. AND you and leah can do it together! haha!

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