early ending.

11 07 2010

I went to my friend Paul’s ward today.

My ward starts at 12:30.
His ward starts at 11:30.
World Cup Final kick off was at 12:30.

Yes, I know, my first mistake of the day was planning my church attendance around a highly popular international sports event.

Live and learn, right?
Maybe. Depends on how my schedule matches up with the World Cup in 4 years. Haha

Anyways – sacrament was great. The final speaker ended 15 minutes early. It was as if he understood that there was something special happening at 12:30.

He closed his talk, I said Amen – and we were only at 12:25.
Perfect – I thought for a brief second that even Heavenly Father understood everyone was trying to make it back home for the kick-off.

Very unwise of me to make such assumptions.

The Bishop got up and proceeded to “fill” the time.

Let me just say that I strongly oppose when people feel the need to just fill empty time with just anything. I’ve heard several General Authorities say that there is nothing wrong with ending a meeting early.

Maybe the Bishop was prompted to share the very random stories he did.
I will not question that -but I got restless.

After he proceeded to fill a 12 minute void with stories.
He said Amen, and we were out of our chairs before the closing hymn even started.

My first mistake was changing my schedule to watch the game.
My second mistake was getting flustered at the Bishop.
My biggest mistake was leaving EARLY (even though I felt justified).

As a whole the game was uneventful.

Have you ever felt like you received immediate punishment for something?

This might be totally untrue but part of me felt like the game was lackluster because I couldn’t wait an extra 4 minutes to sing a song and listen to a prayer. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t help but feel like the weak game was my punishment.

I disregarded church for a game = weak game.

“…him have I punished according to the crime which he has committed…” (Mosiah 29:15)

? Have you ever left church for something…. not so important?



2 responses

11 07 2010

I went to a completely random ward today because mine starts at 1. I went to my little sister’s ward so I could watch the US vs. Canada hockey game in the Olympics. Maybe it isn’t the best way to decide my schedule but I figure these games only happen once in a great while.

12 07 2010

nobody left our church early yesterday, we had a surprise visit with L.Tom Perry! and another seventy as well

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