experience vs. documentation

8 07 2010

Think about the last truly amazing event you witnessed or participated in:
A beautiful sunset.
A concert by your favorite musician.
An engagement. (maybe that’s just me)
A family dinner.
A baby’s first steps.
A fireworks show.

It could be pretty much anything!

While you were in the middle of this wonderful event, what were you thinking?

The 2 most likely thoughts are these:

Wow. This is amazing. I’m so glad I get to experience this.

Wow. This is amazing. I’m so glad I have my camera so I can make sure I take as many pictures as I can, so I can post them on Facebook later, after I change my status, tweet about it and write a blog post on how amazing this is.

Here’s a picture from a youth Inaugural ball attended by the President and the First Lady.
Tell me the first thing you notice.

Yep, a sea of camera phones hoping to get the perfect picture of the First Couple.

I’m MORE guilty of this than I would like to admit.
I remember meeting bboy Ronnie from Super Crew at a competition in Las Vegas and the first thing I thought right as I met him was how excited I was to get a picture with him and make it my Facebook profile picture.

Do we spend more time concerned with documenting our lives than with experiencing them?

As with everything in life (besides drugs) moderation is the key. We are encouraged to keep records.

“BEHOLD, there shall be a record kept among you…” (D&C 21:1)

But we should not be so consumed with the journal entries, pictures, blogs and videos that we do not truly get to enjoy and take in the experience.

? Do you document or experience your life?




4 responses

8 07 2010
Chantel Ockerman

YES! I just recently thought about this! Every time I go out with my friends or go on a scenic walk, I think, BRING THE CAMERA! But recently, I’ve been consciously telling myself that the world doesn’t need to see every little facet and experience of my life. They have their own lives to experience, and I need to be better at just absorbing the moments of mine. Thanks for the post! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

8 07 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Do I even have to answer this….

4 03 2011

Sometimes documenting life gets me to experience more. It gives me the opportunity to see how cool or lame my life is. It’s like a reality check. That said, no I don’t document everything. And I know if that’s because I’m so busy experiencing life or because my life seems a bit slow.

4 03 2011

That’s a good point – sometimes as I try and get certain pictures or video clips it pushes me to try new and fun things. So, you’re right, sometimes the need to document actually pushes us to do more. Thanks!

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