6 07 2010

I was back at Center Stage Dance Studio today.

I’m not teaching the classes this summer (my schedule at Blickenstaff’s is too crazy to commit to teaching a class)

I’m doing private lessons! It’s great because the families are flexible to my and it allows me to work one on one with some of the kids.

I always found my younger class a bit challenging (it’s hard to keep the attention of a group of 5-12 year-olds who are at very different skill levels)

After I finished my privates today I stuck around because a couple of the older kids wanted to show me some of their solos for a national competition coming up.

I was impressed. Very impressed.

I wish I had gotten video clips of them because the concepts were great. One of them actually choreographed a lyrical breakdancing piece. He did a great job.

Lyrical breakdancing is beautiful.

Sounds weird, but check out these two clips of bboy Ducky from Korea. The way he dances to the songs and incorporates bboying and some lyrical elements is just brilliant.

I watched the guys do their solos and then went down to help the guys in the hip-hop company with a short section (3x 8 counts) of their competition piece for next week.

Kandice Smith runs the hip-hop companies and has done an outstanding job with these kids. The passion and energy they dance with is tremendous. The choreography she has supplied them with is unique and adrenaline pumping.

After I helped the guys with some choreo for the bboy section I was drawn back in. I miss dance. I miss the feeling. I told Kandice to use me whenever she wants. They’ve got something coming up in August and hopefully I can jump on board and we can add some unique bboying and tricks to their repertoire.

I watched those kids this afternoon and was inspired. They are talented, driven and willing to pay the price for what they want. It is summer time and they show up to the studio every day to drill the choreography and progress.

Most teens just hang out with friends, or hit the pool, or watch TV. The “off-season” activities determine the difference between average and greatness.

These teens and kids are headed for greatness.

“through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee.” (Psalms 66:3)

It’s their greatness that will will help them overcome their enemies (the other crews dancing! haha)

? What has inspired you lately?




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