baby girl.

5 07 2010

My sister, Kailynn, is having a baby GIRL!

A baby.

That’s the big time.

I’m finally at the point in my life (maturity?) where I feel like I can be married.
I’m 26, graduated from college with a potential career job on the horizon.

But, a baby?

Not even close to believing I can take care of a baby right now. (At least one of my own)

Uncle Kyle?
Yeah I can definitely do that.

I get to be the one who plays with the baby and has no responsibility. I can buy her things, I can tell her she’s allowed to be a little disobedient to her parents, (just kidding Kailynn & Dallas), and I can be the cool one she goes to talk to about stuff!

All the fun and no responsibility.

Kailynn and Dallas get to do the discipline!
“Train up a child in the way he should go…” (Proverbs 22:6)

At first I was a little disappointed it was a girl and not a boy (only because I wanted a boy to teach the ways of the bboy)

Selfish desire? Maybe.

Ok, but now I’m stoked it’s a girl.


I can still teach her breakdancing.
And she’ll look adorable when I get her a baby track suit and beanie!

In some countries it is highly frowned upon to have a girl.

Boys are viewed as assets.
Girls are viewed as expenses.

Of course this only really occurs in developing nations.
The boy is viewed as the inheritor – the one who will take over the family farm/business.
The girl is an expense in large part because of the dowry the family will owe someday.

The UNICEF estimate is that roughly 5,000 Indian women are killed each year in dowry disputes.

Luckily Kailynn and Dallas will not have to worry about a dowry someday.

Thank goodness we live in a developed nation, right?!

Congratulations Kailynn and Dallas!

Can’t wait to meet the little (future) bgirl!

?  What’s the best number of kids in a family?




6 responses

5 07 2010
Anthony Ambriz

I think 4 is a good number. In my Fam we are 4 (3 boys and 1 girl) but we are spread out a lot. In my wife’s family she’s 8 deep. Way too many!

So we’ve decided on 4. Veronica will be the oldest but won’t have another sibling till 3 years from now and then we’ll have the next one’s two years apart.

Kyle, your 26 soon to be married and not planning on having kids soon…. I’m hitting 27 and I have a 1 year old which means that when she’s 20 I’ll be 46. Not too bad, but wish I could still be a bit younger. I don’t want to be too old when my kids are in college.

Now being ready for kids that never happens either ha ha. It’s like with everything in live. You really don’t know what to expect. You can read the books, watch the movies, listen to the advice but every situation is going to be different.

We all came to this earth and were we ready? Nope we had to learn a bunch of things as babies. We go on our missions, ready? Nope. College, ready? Nope. Get Married, Ready? Nope. Babies, Ready? Nope.

You learn it all has it happens. Some sooner than others. As long as you’re willing to learn, things work out. Plus remember being married means you’re not in it alone.

Also how is Veronica suppose to build a crew if she doesn’t have other kids her age?

8 07 2010

i LOVE this comment!!
It’s true, Nate has some kids, you’ve got one, Chad has a few… looks like I need to help contribute to the youth crew!

5 07 2010

Haha! I like Anthony’s comment! Um, I’m 27 and I have a SIX year old, and a four year old! When my oldest goes on his mission I’ll be about to turn 40! We’ll be kicking back and relaxing…oh wait considering the gap between Jimmy and the kids we hope to adopt I guess we’ll be the old ones….who knows!

Yeah Kyle, you’re never ready. That is what that 9 months is for! Really by the time that hits you’re ready for action. There is nothing better than cuddling that tiny baby and loving it. Sure the exhaustion is there and the lack of funds. But really for us it finally made us feel like a family. I know we’re a family with just me and Reed but adding the kid really made it REAL!

A word about adorable baby track suits… I got one for Ty when he was 6 months old. It was yellow and white and the coolest, pimpest outfit ever but the blasted thing was CURSED I tell you! EVERY SINGLE TIME he wore it the child exploded poo up the back. We tried it again with Jimmy. SAME CURSE. I passed it onto Christina for her daughter Jane and the curse continued! So beware and try to make sure it isn’t cursed like ours was because you could be holder her when the explosion happens!

BTW, being an uncle is awesome!

8 07 2010

Dang that’s a lot of poo!
That poor track suit! hahah

6 07 2010

You’re going to make an amazing uncle! We aren’t ready either, but we did wait 4 years before having this baby. I’m not sure 9 months is long enough to really prepare, I mean, I’m already half way through this pregnancy and we don’t even have anything for this baby but an empty room!

Anyways, we think 4-5 is a good number; unless you ask Dallas and he’ll say 12 kids is enough! Too funny! And I can’t wait to see this track suit!

6 07 2010

Just take them one at a time….always being prayerful.

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