gentle rebuke.

30 06 2010

“Reproving betimes with sharpness, when moved upon by the Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase of love toward him whom thou hast reproved…” (D&C 121:43)

Yep – I’ve been reproved.

I got back this morning and Grandpa inquired when my last visit to the temple was…

This is sad – because off the top of my head, I actually cannot remember the last time I went.

That can’t be good. It’s actually quite bad.

I was reminded this morning that if there is enough time to go to the driving range multiple times a week then there is surely enough time to go to the temple.

I stand corrected and I am grateful for the reminder. (Mom actually made me promise several weeks ago that I would start going once a week- sorry Mom)

I am so happy with how this scripture blog is going and the daily effect it has had on my own personal testimony – but it is interesting that complacency has still managed to creep into my life.

It is a daily struggle – no matter how good you feel about where you’re headed it is important to realize that there are no breaks in the race.
There is no room for complacency and the only way to avoid that is to be CONSTANTLY on guard.

I’m glad grandpa said something.
I needed to hear it.

As a whole, we all have good intentions BUT;
the road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? Yeah.

Sometimes we need someone on the road to tell us to straighten up and keep moving forward.

The key is to make sure we listen to those individuals Heavenly Father sends our way – and to not be afraid to be that person for someone else.

? How do you overcome complacency?



2 responses

30 06 2010

Just doing it is the only thought I have. I’m horrible about regular morning/night prayers. HORRBILE. I pray all day long and at most meals but never morning and night even htough we’ve been told straight up to do so. So I just started doing it. There will be times when it pops in my mind so I just have started rolling over and off the bed and “getting it done” and its been wonderful how its improved my life. Even though I don’t think I’m even mentioning some of my goals during those prayers I’m more committed to other goals and having less trouble sticking to them (not playing games on the computer is a BIG goal and I’ve stuck with it).

And I’m always scared of being reproved but at the same time appreciative b/c it is needed and helpful and shows someone cares!

So just do it!

30 06 2010
Anthony Ambriz

I’ve always enjoyed a good reprove and sometimes I know when they’re coming. ha ha

But yeah I guess just picking yourself up and doing what you need to do is the best way. Set goals to set goals.

Like in bboying you can’t go straight to windmills if you can’t toprock or do floor work some people do that and their style is whack.

So always set goals to set goals or to word it better. Set a goals and set smaller goals to accomplish the main one.

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