29 06 2010

It seems like every time I go into Target there is some sappy couple registering for a toaster.

Today I was one half of that sappy couple. (and yes we registered for a toaster)

There is a lot to think about when registering for gifts.

Can I register for a plasma tv?
According to, “Your wedding is one of the few opportunities you’ll have for receiving elaborate presents. Sign up for high-quality gifts the two of you will love and use for the long haul.

We didn’t. But there were definitely a couple items on our registry I thought were higher priced (of course I think anything over $100 is up there- haha).

I loved being the sappy couple walking around with the laser bar code gun talking excitedly about how we definitely needed a George Foreman Grill (I grew to love the Foreman while living in the Slate Canyon house with the guys).

It was surreal to think that the items were for US.
I loved it.

My buddy Mike was saying how he thought it would be great to be able to register at Wells Fargo!

You start an account and have people just deposit whatever they want into it. My mind is racing with all the fun things we could pay for with that money like:
car payment.

Yeah… I guess if I just got money I would probably be TOO frugal and not want to buy some of the fun things we could possibly get as gifts.

Guess it’s a good thing we just went scan crazy in that place! Haha

I’d still like to see some gift cards trickle in though…

I’m trying to think of the equivalent of a registry back in Jerusalem or Nephite times, but nothing comes to my mind.

The description of weddings typically looks like this;

“And Abram took Sarai his wife…” (Genesis 12:5)

It seems that times have changed a touch. If customs were the same, Leah and I might already be married – no hoopla.

Hhmmm, I like it.

? To my married friends, PLEASE tell me what you would recommend registering for now that you have the privilege of retrospect?




4 responses

29 06 2010

We didn’t register for enough twizzlers…only about a hundred were on it and I think we got around 10 or 15…

Otherwise, register for quality items you want to have around for a LONG time. You won’t want to spend money replacing things. Register at places with good return policies. When we did our returns we ended up with a $400 gift card I think. You want a good return policy b/c you’ll get duplicates and also you don’t want a lot of stuff! So if you get something you registered for but realize ok, maybe this isn’t necessary then you can put that cash towards groceries or something else.

Metal mixing bowls, not plastic
Best quality (that the store carries) of metal measuring cups and spoons (so they last)
Absorbant dish cloths
Glass pyrex 2 cup measuring cup
Extra deep fitted sheet sets, not the regular. That way even if your bed is normal height the sheets won’t be coming off all the time.
Generic tylenol, antihistamines, bandaids, etc since you’ll need your own first aid stuff.
A good cast iron skillet, we got a nearly sideless one that we’d registered for and while the handle is a little burned up we use it every. single. day. The sides are more of a lip that go out and up only a half inch. I think it was a mexican skillet.
Large maglite flashlight, those last for ever.
The sturdiest laundry basket they offer…again, they’ll stand up to time

I was laughing the other day b/c with our after return gift card we went on a bit of a spree and got a few of those 18 gallon rubbermaid buckets since they were only like $2.75…last week at Target they were 6.99! Crazy how much more they cost in 7 years!

29 06 2010

gift cards are the best…actually, I got a wedding announcement the other day and in lieu of gifts, the bride (2nd wedding) and groom registered for their honeymoon to Costa Rica!! you just contribute to Morris Murdock Travel and they gave a phone # –thing is people are going to spend $ on you anyway…so, whatever works for you two

29 06 2010

Anything and everything is up for grabs! Even though you register for stuff, a lot of people give you whatever they want and it’s all good! Just enjoy it!

8 09 2010
Elizabeth Nichols

You’ll find some guests love a wedding registry to use when buying gifts. Others will not even look it up and just buy something very personal, gift card or cash. I find everyone has their own thoughts when it comes to gift buying…relax, fill out your registry and enjoy!

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