28 06 2010

Mondays have a bad reputation.
And, rightfully so – they typically mark the end of fun and the beginning of work.

What’s to like about Mondays?
There are about 4 months of the year where Mondays are not so bad:

Of course there is FHE to look forward to as well, right? (Depending on the activity)

I usually ride the “I hate Monday” bandwagon.

But this Monday is different.

It’s only 12:00 but here’s what I’ve done:
Work meeting.

Productivity feels good.

The driving range is always relaxing (even when it’s stressful)
Working out releases those endorphins that just make you feel better!
And there is something great about knowing you will have fresh clean clothes soon!

I also have a feeling that something great is going to happen this week.
It’s a hard feeling to explain – I woke up and all morning I have not been able to shake this overwhelming feeling that something this week is just going to go really well. (I’ll keep you posted when it does)

To all of you lamenting the fact you are only half-way through the worst day of the week, I would remind you that next Monday you don’t have work. You won’t be doing Monday again for 2 weeks.

Thank-you Independence Day!

Even our scriptural counterparts got the weekend off, well at least part of it:

“and on the seventh day thou shalt rest…” (Exodus 23:12)

? Whats your least favorite day of the week?




6 responses

28 06 2010

You know I can’t really think of a day I don’t like but I also am not forced to go to a “job” and my parenting gig NEVER EVER ends. My least favorite day of the week is the one where a grumpier me meets up with the more annoying attributes of my wonderful children leading to extreme clashing and not so great examples of parenting.

28 06 2010

Hahahaha! I love the description… Yeah I could definitely see how those elements combining could lead to some chaos! haha

28 06 2010

haha, I love this post! I love when your day feels so productive. Nice work on getting all that done before noon! It’s funny that I read this post when I did because I just got back from my lunch and was thinking about how much I hate Monday’s and I stil have 4 hours to go. Then I read your post and I feel better now!

28 06 2010

Chantel! Glad I could help a bit with this lame Monday! Haha Hope you’re doing well : )

28 06 2010
Anthony Ambriz

Thursdays. They’re weird. Nothing much goes on and I don’t know just don’t like Thursdays.

I actually like Mondays. I can finally start doing the things I made plans to do on Sunday.

Maybe its my Hispanic heritage or the fact it makes sense to start the Calendar from Monday to Sunday. I don’t know why we start it Sunday to Saturday?

But yeah Mondays are awesome!

28 06 2010

That’s interesting – I’ve never heard anyone say Thursday! Haha
But I get where you’re coming from – it’s kind of a random day. I would say Tuesdays, but I used to LOVE Tuesdays because BYU breakdance club met those nights! Haha

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