not in the mood.

26 06 2010

I don’t ask for much around this place (Blickenstaff’s) …

Sooooo, when I do, part of me feels like I should get it. (That sounds bratty, I know)

I’m here, writing this at the front cash register while the USA world cup game is on and my boss is on her break!

The store is EMPTY. (Maybe others are watching the game – or maybe my silent prayer that business crashes today because I don’t get to watch the game was heard and answered)


Ok – so it’s not life or death – I’m being dramatic.

I’m just bummed that I gotta work during this 2 hour window.

I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since we won the last game. I requested my lunch break during this time frame the moment I knew the USA was playing. Now it looks as though there will be no lunch for me today.


It sucks when you look forward to something and then it’s taken away.

“That they may be disappointed also, and their hopes may be cut off…” (D&C 121:14)

Looking back at what I’ve just written I realize how petty it looks – but I don’t even care! Haha

? When was the last time you looked forward to something that didn’t come to pass?




One response

27 06 2010

I had to work too. Luckily just our drive-up was open so we pulled the TV from our breakroom and watched the game. Then we stayed late to finish watching the game, too bad it ended so poorly. Not really an answer I know.

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