apartment hunting.

24 06 2010

Today Leah and I began an important part of our relationship…

Apartment hunting!

We need to find a place for us to live after we get married in September.
Utah Valley is interesting because the competition for housing is fierce and you need to be aggressive.

I scoped out KSL and Craigslist yesterday afternoon and found some places (within our budget).

There are a variety of places to choose from. There are:
mother-in-law rooms

We looked at basements BUT Leah wasn’t sure she could live in darkness – especially in the winter. I don’t blame her. Grandmas basement is pretty dark at times- but I’m pretty used to it by now.

Despite the craziness involved in finding a place to live I’m glad it’s so easy.

I got online and my options were there.

Mary and Joseph just walked around Bethlehem till they found something – a stable. Their son was born in a stable.

How many Westernized women would be down for that today?

“And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.” (Luke 2:7)

I’m not sure how I feel about my first place being a stable.

On my mission I spent the last 11 months living in a glorified closet. Our clothes hung above us, our beds practically touched and in order to avoid touching each other we would have to kneel at different angles.

I would gladly live in a place like that again if I was with Leah.

I’m so excited for our first place together. I don’t care how small or somewhat “vintage” it is.

It will be ours.

? How did your search for married housing go?




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25 06 2010

We lived in a few holes…

Reed was in Rexburg and in charge of finding a place. He had a verbal agreement with the leasing agent and was told the keys would be in the freezer. We got there and moved in. Sure enough two days after we moved in we got a notice that we didn’t have a lease. The lady was scamming the company and someone else had a contract on it. We were threatened to be arrested for squatting. DRAMA! We found out we wouldn’t be arrested since we were willing to pay rent but still rushed to get out. We were able to find a place that day or the next but it was a lot more, though just as dumpy, and the same poor people who helped us move into the third floor apartment helped us move out two days after we’d moved in. Just what you need a week after you get married.

We lived there for 4 months and then moved into a basement apartment that wasn’t finished. We had a sink, countertops and fridge and another storage room that had a toilet. Reed and his old boss put in a gas stove, built a wall around the toilet for a bathroom and put in the tiniest shower you can imagine (actually smaller than you can imagine) and put in pumps to get the water in and out, etc. It was nasty, gross and our living area was constantly covered in dirt. The windows didnt’ close/open completely and were covered in bugs. We still call it the pit of dispair. We moved from there after 4 months.

Then 8 months in a guys housing complex, two months in another guys complex, 4 months in a house, then 17 months in a regular apartment, then a year managing the second guys complex, a year in Idaho falls in our own house and now we’ve been here for 2.25 years. Good times but WAY too many moves.

25 06 2010
Anthony Ambriz

KSL, Craig’s List, and the Wilk Board are cool. But I found that doing it like in the mission works out too.

Pray for a place within your means and then go drive around. Or yeah look at the lists.

You should find a pretty good place.

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