party in the USA.

23 06 2010

Today was do or die for USA soccer.

In order to move out of the group stage the USA had to win.

They’ve had some tough breaks in the group games so far and today was no exception.

Another goal was disallowed after an unjust offsides was called. The US team shot lights out and couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net until…

The 91st minute. Stoppage time. Desperate for a goal.

Our keeper, Tim Howard, launched a ball down the side to Landon Donovan who pushed it up to Jozy Altidore, who passed it in to Clint Dempsey whose shot was deflected.

Donovan crashed the box and drilled the deflected shot into the back of the net.


Donovan described the team’s efforts on the pitch as the embodiment of the American spirit – when things go wrong, we push onwards until we accomplish what we set out to do or die trying.

And there have been moments where death was on the horizon (figuratively speaking of course).

But sometimes literally…

It’s true.
I feel like Americans have a tenacity to begin campaigns in dire straights and then pull themselves out of the muck and overcome.

Some nations see us as arrogant – but we are not arrogant, simply confident. We believe that we can overcome anything. There is something special about knowing that your country was founded by men who earnestly sought to do good and overcame great odds to make it happen.

America is comprised of heroes. It always has been. Heroes in every facet of life.

Landon Donovan, today my friend, you are America’s hero.

Today you overcame.

“I will that ye should overcome the world…” (D&C 64:2)

? Who are your heroes?




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