lunch @ La Jolla.

22 06 2010

The Shops at the Riverwoods is doing a major overhaul right now. They are tearing out an entire parking section to put in a walking path and have added several new stores with several restaraunts on the way. The renovations will hopefully breathe new life into this shopping center.

One of the restaraunts that will open soon is called La Jolla Grove.

The owner came into the store the other day and invited some of us to come in and taste test some of the food.

Free food? I’m in.
AND I got to invite Leah!

I was excited to go because I love free food – BUT when I realized this was a pretty posh place, I was overjoyed!

It’s a French style place with a beautiful decor. There are large lemon trees throughout the restaraunt that make you feel like you are eating in a large lemon grove.

We sat down and our waitress brought out a menu with NO prices on it.
I wish Carl’s Jr was like that.

We ordered appetizers, entrees, salads and desserts!

It was easily the best beef I have ever had. EVER!
And Leah loved her salmon even better than the salmon she gets at her favorite place in Portland!

“For, behold, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and that which cometh of the earth, is ordained for the use of man for food…” (D&C 49:19)

They were ordained for our use and they were prepared at La Jolla Grove in the most magnificent way possible!

When this place opens you HAVE to try it!

? What’s your favorite restaraunt?




2 responses

23 06 2010

Bajio is a dear love of mine. Yum! And Pei Wei is also really good. I hardly eat out anymore but Pei Wei is still a trusted “friend.”

23 06 2010

Too many good ones to choose from; but when you feel like splurging with Leah for an anniversary, you will have to try the Melting Pot. The fondue style dinner is great and it’s an experience of it’s own!

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