future in-laws.

20 06 2010

My future in-laws came up this weekend for some pre-wedding activities:
Dress shopping.
Engagement pictures.

It was such a great weekend.

Leah’s dad is an incredible photographer.

Things felt different this time.
Maybe it’s because we are engaged now but everything was much more relaxed.

They are a wonderful couple and terrific parents. I enjoyed spending quality time with them this past weekend.

We took a TON of pictures at a variety of locations.

I had so much fun (even though I was a little stressed about the whole natural smiling thing – haha).

Her dad got some amazing pictures. I was impressed at the quality of the pictures he produced. It was more than I ever could have hoped for.
I cannot wait to see the final product!

We shot for hours.
After awhile everyone started to get tired – but her dad pressed on with great ideas and wonderful compositions. And his excitement spread to us and fueled us to keep moving form location to location. We didn’t finish taking pictures till about 10:30 tonight.

You can feel the passion he has for photography.
When you are around someone who is passionate about anything you can’t help but be inspired and the excitement is contagious!

He is self-taught as well.
He is an example of someone who took a talent and turned it into something much more.

“Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.” (Matthew 25:16)

I began the weekend with hesitant about the session – but ended relaxed and excited.

I finished the weekend loving Leah more than ever and with sincere feelings of friendship for her parents. (Thanks again to the Wassons for taking time out of their schedule to come up here and help us begin the planning process)

? What talent have you been given and turned into something more?




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