19 06 2010

Leah’s parents got into town very early this morning. They are here to do dress shopping with leah and take the engagement photos. Leah’s dad is an incredible photographer – so we’re lucky to be able to have him do these for us.

I’m NOT a camera poser.
I’ve never been.

Look at my Facebook – most of my pics look like this:

Maybe I can do one or two pictures – but multiple shots for an extended period of time…
My smile is forced and I squint my eyes.
All these things were made very clear yesterday.

I feel bad because Leah is actually really good at the whole smile for the camera thing.

She asked me at the end of the night if I was nervous being around her parents. Nope.
I’m nervous about the pictures.

And we have a whole day ahead of ourselves tomorrow. Oh man.

Well, hopefully I get better at smiling for the camera – or Leah becomes more accepting of my non-camera demeanor.
She’s probably hoping more for the first.

The scriptures mention the word in regards to the Lord “smiling upon something” – I bet His smile would work in front of the camera. I wonder if you can pray for that gift.

“…that the Lord smiled upon it…” (Moses 7:43)

? How do you fair in front of a camera?




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