14 06 2010

I went up to Salt Lake yesterday to meet up with my friends, Tyler & Krista Hollingshaus. (Dinner was awesome – thanks guys!)

Ty and I have been friends for about 5 years. We met via breakdancing and have been friends since.

It was great getting to catch up with them.

When I was living in the bboy house in Provo, Ty used to come down and spend the weekends with us before he got married.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to get nostalgic. We talked about the crazy weekends, the parties, the never-ending breakdancing and wild times that house saw.

Usually when I talk with anyone about the past I refer to it as my “glory days.” And then I will go home and be sad the “glory days” are gone.

The “glory days” doesn’t have to be a year ago or two years ago.
I pretty much describe anything in my past as the glory days:
Kindergarten (not a care in the world)
4th grade (just enjoyin’ recess & PE)
9th grade (a freshman with my whole life ahead of me)
12th grade (livin in Singapore and learning to breakdance)
My mission (serving the Lord and not worrying about ‘real life’)
2007 (just breakdancing and partying)
2009 (livin’ in CA with no bills!)
2010 (livin’ @ home with no bills! haha)

I LOVE to look back. I have so much to be grateful for. But I understand that the “glory days” are RIGHT NOW. Happiness doesn’t just come from being nostalgic – it comes from living right now.

In. The. Moment.

Instead of looking back with envy when I drove home last night, I was grateful for the events that shaped me and EVEN more grateful for that moment I was in. Don’t waste time focused on what is in the rear view mirror when you have the open road ahead of you.

I thought about how the things I am experiencing right now will impact the type of person I will be in a week, month and year from now.

I want to spend more time living in the present.

“Do you look forward with an eye of faith…” (Alma 5:15)

? How do you make the most of each day while looking forward with faith?




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