3 06 2010

Ok – I admit, I really enjoy telling and retelling the story of my ‘meet the parents’ experience in Phoenix.

Maybe I enjoy it too much.
And – maybe I embellish it a little more each time I tell it. (Sorry sweetie)

I was telling my story a little while ago and things went well.
Great delivery.
Embellishments in all the right places.
Shock and laughter from the crowd.

And then – I was trumped.

So, my buddy starts telling a story about how his girlfriends dad HATES him.

Hate is a strong word and he has never even met her dad.

How much can you hate someone you have never met?

Well – the girlfriend then read us a text message from her dad that was titled: “The 7 reasons you shouldn’t date (John -name changed)”


The list was intense. It involved everything from hair styles to shirts to Facebook pictures.

So what’s happening now with my friend?

He’s engaged.

Hey, like the scriptures say:

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife…” (Genesis 2:24)

The same holds true for the woman, right?

? Anybody had any crazy, funny, bad, good in-law experiences they wanna share?




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3 06 2010
anthony ambriz

When Rebekah and I got engaged, Rebekah decided to update her facebook status. Well, somewhere in Arizona someone woke up got on their facebook and then sent an email to Rebekah’s dad stating that she was engaged.

So when Rebekah goes to call her parents, they are furious with her. They thought she had kept the engagement a secret for weeks or something. They then try to talk her out of it and all this other stuff. It was crazy and a little sad.

To my defense I had met Bekah’s dad and we had talked about all sorts of things. I didn’t ask him to marry his daughter. (I sort of think that’s silly, but that’s another topic) But when we were talking he had made the comment- “You would be a good son-in-law and I would have no problem with you” And other such things. In the end I did make several trips to Arizona and spent a lot of holidays with my new family. I also did talk to the dad- did the whole man to man thing and what not.

So to those future father’s be careful with your words. ha ha

4 06 2010

Haha – oh man. I can defintiely see how that would be a crazy situation. Good thing he already liked you!! Haha

3 06 2010

Ok I (HEART) my in-laws and must be the luckiest girl in the world to get better family through marriage than I was born with…not to say anything bad about my own but his family doesn’t have the same baggage/issues/trauma/drama etc.

But I’ll always remember the night of his sister’s reception and we’d been engaged for like 2 weeks so a couple for all of three weeks. We’d run a load of stuff back to his parents house from the venue and proceeded to make out in the car for like 20 minutes. Then we quickly started working before everyone else got there. Sure enough his dad came home shortly after and must have just sensed what was going on so he kindly stopped us from what we were doing and very briefly counselled us to be mindful of our affections because the day would come when say Reed would go out of town for business and I would want to be able to trust he was faithful and visa versa. It was awkward but so loving all at the same time (I really didn’t know Roger at the time) so how could we do anything but recognize the counsel as wise and true. I’ll be the first to admit we still made out like crazy but 8 years later it is still with me.

I’ll also admit it took a solid year to get used to his mom. She was really nice but so different from anyone I was used to. She was very direct and sometimes off putting but one day I just GOT IT and realized she did what she wanted and wasn’t offended when I told her to stop or that I didn’t like something. Now I probably talk to her more than my mom. Last year when I was so ill, though they live 20 minutes apart, we lived with his family instead of mine.

4 06 2010

Hahaha! Love the story! That’s really cool that you’ve become so close with them. I’d definitely love to have that happen with Leah’s family!

3 06 2010

all I have to say is yes Dad’s are given the right to HATE any and all men that their little girl dates even without meeting them first.

I hope your friend “John” can mend ways with the Dad.

Now for my funny in-law story…

before I got married I went fishing with Erin’s Dad up in Alaska, I had all of my friends telling me that he would either a) pay me off not to marry her or b) hit me in the head with a paddle and let some Orca eat me. well he didn’t do anything of the sort but I will say you really get to know a guy when you are in a little john boat for eight hours with no bathroom, only a ummm never mind, and only the open Pacific, whales, and your future father in law there to keep you company.

4 06 2010

I agree – something just seems right about a father being really protective of his daughters. I see nothing wrong with it. I’ll do it for sure when I’m a dad.
Dang, that sounds like the ultimate bonding experience with a future father-in-law. I’m glad it went well! It’s one of those things that could either be great, or go horribly wrong! hahaha

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