media fast.

30 05 2010

I had dinner last night with my friend Jeremy up in Salt Lake – we are both avid media enthusiasts.

TV. (I have roughly 60 different TV seasons – that is growing at an alarming rate)
Movies. (I have around 400 movies – also a number that is on the rise)

Having an iPhone makes things worse because I am checking all of these things constantly throughout the day.

I work 5 days a week – pretty much full time.

But I have a second job, it’s called “media addict“.

I spend an absurd amount of time watching TV shows and movies, checking my Facebook, watching YouTube videos, etc. etc.

I’m going to try something this week called a media fast. (although it’s probably more of a media diet – but will still be really challenging)

I will not get on Facebook once this week.
I will not get on Twitter once this week.
I will check my email ONCE a day at a prescribed hour (10:00 pm).
I will only get on my computer ONCE a day in order to write my daily blog.
I will not watch any YouTube videos.
I will not watch ANY TV shows this week.
I will allow myself 3 movies to watch this week (only one time per movie) Haha.

Ok- there it is.
The fact that I’m a little sick looking at this list tells me that I really need to do this.

What am I hoping to accomplish?
Well, I’d really like to just see if there is a different feeling that comes from removing ALL the distractions…

Will I finish reading the book I started?
Will I feel the Spirit more?
Will my mind become less clouded and able to focus more clearly?
Will I get bored?

I’m not sure what’s going to happen – but I want to know.

“…nevertheless they are to be used sparingly.” (D&C 89:12)

I know it’s the Word of Wisdom scripture – but I feel like it’s very applicable to anything that we do that goes beyond moderation.

? What would be hard for you to give up for one week?



2 responses

30 05 2010
anthony ambriz

The media fast… I’ve done this before but without knowing. How? I would leave my iPhone at home and go out and do stuff. But in a way music and reading are still considered a form of Media. So labeling it a media diet is a better name for it.

I wake up and turn the TV to watch the news then put my P90X on and pick some tunes to listen too. But at the same time I’m being productive. I think if we consume media in a productive and moderated manner then it isn’t so bad.

Facebook can be productive by using it to network or catch up with friends or family we haven’t heard from.

I mean this blog you write is way productive. It inspires me and makes me think a lot about my situations. (Good Job)

But these are just some of my insights on the topic so here is my answer to the question.

My pride because if I gave that up I wouldn’t be so selfish and I’d be more Christ-like and humble.

And yes, Media in all its forms would also be really hard.

31 05 2010

sugar would be really hard for me to give’s like 2nd nature in my diet…I hardly watch TV except for a few cooking shows and I rarely go to the movies…with all the “trash” on TV, I’d like to pull the plug altogether…it’s such a waste of time (ok, I can say that now that LOST is over!) good luck on your diet of media!

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