the media.

28 05 2010

I took Leah up to the airport this morning. It’s her birthday today – she’s 21! (Happy Birthday sweetie!) She’s going up to Portland to visit her grandparents.

She’s taking a media class in school and we talked a little bit about the influence of the media.

There’s a neverending debate – does the media influence what the public wants? – or do the wants of the public influence what the media produces?

We mainly talked about how the media constantly bombards us with sexually charged messages and images.

I believe the media litters much of it’s content with sex because they know it sells. (we want it)
*I’m NOT saying it’s right – and that’s not the debate.

How many times have you seen a commercial with a hot girl or guy and after the commercial you were left wondering what product was being advertised?

This is the natural man. We are drawn to sex.

If the majority of the public was against these images/messages then there would be people protesting etc. etc.

But when was the last time you saw a protest against the Levis for using a hot girl to advertise the jeans?
How about a protest against Budweiser for the using girls in bikinis?
Or what about a protest against Twilight movie makers for the half naked werewolves running around?

There are NONE.
This is because there is a part of each of us that enjoys these things. Right?

Right. Even though it’s wrong.

“For the natural man is an enemy to God…” (Mosiah 3:19)

We all know the scripture. It’s used OVER and OVER to remind us that when we allow our passions to reign that we are at odds with Heavenly Father.
Tough reality – because it is natural.

But that discussion is for another post. The focus here is the influence of the media…

And the question is:

? Do you think the media influences the public – or do the “needs” of the public influence what the media produces?



2 responses

28 05 2010
Anthony Ambriz

A question for the ages.

I think it goes both ways and at times it just tends to sway one way more than the other.

I suggest you watch a documentary called Art & Copy.

Has a lot of insights from some of the top advertising companies in the world. One fact they stated in the film was that 80% of all advertising is made up of these 4 or 5 companies.

Good Post!

28 05 2010
Charis Aldous

I think it’s both.

If you were to squeeze on either end it would go away!


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